Legal 500 EMEA ranking 2024

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Legal 500 EMEA ranking 2024

Wijn & Stael Advocaten is mentioned several times in the recently published Legal 500 EMEA edition. We are proud of the rankings of our Restructuring & Insolvency (TIER 2), Commercial Litigation (TIER 3), and Employment (TIER 4) practices and very grateful for the great feedback we received from our clients. See the overview of the entries and quotes from our clients below.

The Utrecht-based restructuring and insolvency group at Wijn & Stael Advocaten N.V. is adept at handling the range of related matters in both domestic and international contexts; such matters frequently involve high values. Its varied client list features those from sectors ranging from telecoms and retail, to healthcare and tech. The practice is overseen by a multitude of specialists, being financial specialist Noor Zetteler who frequently advises clients on liability issues and internal investigations matters, Willem Jan van Andel, Remco Vermaire, who provides ‘tailor-made’ advice, and Robert van Faassen. Anne Mennens is a key associate in the team.

Leading individuals: Noor Zetteler
Rising star: Anne Mennens


  • ‘Personal style, work efficiency, and an in-depth knowledge of the subject are what make the team stand out.’
  • ‘Knowledgeable and experienced, with excellent communication skills and case understanding.’
  • ‘Inge Lok and Remco Vermaire communicate in a straightforward way and fulfil client needs appropriately and in a tailor-made fashion.’
  • ‘The team has excellent knowledge of collateral and property law, insolvency law, and corporate law. They are eminently qualified to advise banks and enterprises on issues concerning companies in difficulty. They also have an excellent knowledge of WHOA.’
  • ‘The partners and staff involved are client focused. This, combined with high-quality knowledge and experience, ensures that files are handled quickly and efficiently.’
  • ‘Noor Zetteler is outstanding – not only is she very knowledgeable in all respects, she also really enjoys her job and brings great energy to restructuring projects.’ 

‘Personal style, work efficiency, and an in-depth knowledge of the subject are what make the team stand out.’

Wijn & Stael Advocaten N.V.‘s dispute resolution practice is led by Noor Zetteler, Thijs van Zanten, and Remco Vermaire. The firm's client base consists of major Dutch companies, including financial institutions, and financial litigation and insolvency proceedings, as well as liability cases involving directors and accountants, are highlights of the practice. Many of the firm’s cases are handled at Supreme Court level, which is led by insolvency expert and Supreme Court litigator van Zanten, and the team is also involved in proceedings before the Enterprise Chamber. Zetteler is regularly appointed as a trustee and leads in accountancy-related disputes, while Vermaire acts for financial institutions.


  • ‘Excellent people in the team. Seamless internal operations. Timely responses. Knowledge. Added value.’
  • They are excellent listeners and are able to handle complex cases involving large quantities of information. They don’t jump too early to conclusions without the due facts and figures.’
  • ‘Determined people who are always available, explain legal strategy and are creative and protect clients. They feel like real partners – someone who cares and delivers.’
  • Thijs van Zanten is very responsive, does not shy away from discussion and is legally sharp and flexible.’
  • ‘The team truly operates as a team, drawing on each other’s strength. They provide personal attention and endless patience. The guidance given to each individual stakeholder is superb.’
  • Noor Zetteler is an efficient lead partner, and is 100 percent involved and dedicated.’
  • The Wijn and Stael legal team regularly hosts webinars on various noteworthy topics. With in-depth knowledge of the content, they are very capable of providing the best advice. In our day-to-day business they prove to be a reliable partner, always looking to outperform expectations.’
  • ‘Remco Vermaire is very engaged and quick to pinpoint the issue and possible routes to resolve or tackle.’ 

The employment practice at Wijn & Stael Advocaten N.V. is jointly led by Else Loes Pasma and Leendert Kruidenier, with Pasma advising on complex governance, compliance, and integrity issues, while mediator Kruidenier assists with complex dismissals and restructurings. The firm often advises shareholders and supervisory boards of companies, trade unions, and works councils on a range of non-contentious employment issues and disputes. The practice is particularly well known for handling employment matters involving foreign senior executives. Maaike Faber and Karlijn van der Heijden are the go-to contacts for works councils issues. 


  • ‘Wijn & Stael has strong expertise and is very responsive. They are fully committed to your case.’
  • ‘Else Loes Pasma is able define an excellent strategy, taking into account the specific circumstances. She is very dedicated to the case and keeps focused on working to the desired end result.’
  • ‘Wijn & Stael is an elegant, no-nonsense group of highly qualified lawyers and support staff that treats each individual with respect, as well as providing insightful advice. The differentiating factor is they are very confident they are giving the right advice, they will pay close forensic attention to the case details, and should a case end up in front of a judge, Wijn & Stael will win, the law permitting!’
  • ‘Maaike Faber specialises in employment law and really knows her stuff! She knows how to compile a compelling narrative that can highlight the injustice of a situation and swiftly ties it to the decrees and code of the Dutch legal system. Her energy is next to none and she will see the case through to the end.’
  • ‘Leendert Kruidenier is to be commended as an employment specialist. With his ‘iron fist in a velvet glove’ approach, he was able to step in when needed and in tandem with Maaike deliver fair but brilliant results.’
  • ‘Very communicative, easy access 24/7 and fast responses. A perfect match of professional and personal approach. They are simply very nice to work with, and get good results.’
  • ‘We have a very good relationship with Wijn & Stael. The follow up is always fast and reliable. We’re looking forward to continuing our collaboration.’
  • ‘Most of the time we work with Else Loes Pasma. The input and feedback she gives is always helps us. We really appreciate our business relationship and have absolutely no doubt about continuing it.’ 

The Utrecht-based environmental and planning law practice at Wijn & Stael Advocaten N.V., established by Shanna Derksen, is well equipped to advise on environmental aspects of permits, planning and zoning matters.

More information about our listing can be found on The Legal 500 website.

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