The healthcare sector is a complex world presenting many legal challenges. Care institutions, insurers, entrepreneurs and healthcare professionals often have to deal with intricate legal issues. If this describes your situation, then we are the perfect partner to help you. We have extensive knowledge of, and experience in, the healthcare sector and can use our special expertise to represent you in the areas of forms of cooperation, company law, healthcare governance, restructuring and reorganisation, co-determination law, employment law, refinancing and continuity issues.

You can rely on the attorneys of Wijn & Stael to advise you and litigate on your behalf on matters including:

  • restructuring and refinancing of healthcare institutions
  • admission and partnership contracts
  • issues surrounding the Medical Specialist Enterprise (Medisch Specialistisch Bedrijf - MSB)
  • liability of executive and supervisory directors
  • medical disciplinary law and the right of complaint (Healthcare Quality, Complaints and Disputes Act (Wet kwaliteit, klachten en geschillen zorg - Wkkgz))
  • disputes between executive boards and supervisory boards
  • healthcare governance
  • arbitration before bodies such as the Healthcare Arbitration Tribunal (Scheidsgerecht Gezondheidszorg)
  • co-determination of client council and works council
  • inquiry proceedings before the Netherlands Enterprise Court
  • front-line organisation and development of the care pathway