Attorneys who sense the dynamics of a case perfectly and respond to it flawlessly!

Our attorneys

Attorneys who work progressively and decisively without losing sight of your case!

Our attorneys

Broadly oriented attorneys who operate flexibly, decisively and with guts, without losing their balance!

Our attorneys

Driven attorneys who are there for you when the going gets tough and who make a difference through their strategic approach!

Our attorneys
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How can our attorneys help you?

Every case is different, just like every person. The best solutions therefore require more than just legal knowledge. They require attorneys who can perfectly sense the dynamics of a case and respond to them flawlessly. With personal commitment, decisiveness, and effective advice. Attorneys who dare to deviate from the beaten path to achieve the best result for you.

Welcome to Wijn & Stael Advocaten.

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Authentic and progressive

Strategic and creative in complex matters

Decisive and flexible

Personally connected with client and society

Broad expertise and rich experience