G.B. Brugman


Bankruptcy Clerk

Gino Brugman has been with Wijn & Stael since 2019. As bankruptcy clerk, he assists trustees with the practical and administrative settlement of bankruptcies, ensuring that each bankruptcy case is effectively and efficiently settled in favor of the joint creditors. This requires securing as many estate assets as possible, while taking other social aspects into account.

Eye for Facts

Calm and inquisitive, Gino protects the interests of the estate in every case he takes on and gathers as many facts as may be relevant to building the foundation for a good bankruptcy settlement. With diligence and attention to detail, he keeps a list of all ongoing cases, so that he can assist the trustees with any developments that arise.

Diverse Background

Gino has a background in finance, legal and management, which he draws on to counsel trustees in many areas. “Having experience in each of these disciplines and applying the knowledge from one to the other is a rewarding challenge. It creates great added value in the bankruptcy practice.”

Academic Background

  • Master of Business Administration, NTI University of Applied Sciences, 2016
  • Legal Business Consultant (Basic Certificate Course), Dutch Association for Practical Exams, 2012
  • Management, Economics and Law, 2011, LOI University of Applied Sciences
  • Modern Business Administration, 2012, Dutch Association for Practical Exams
  • Nima Marketing, Level A, 2010
  • Nima Communication, Level A, 2009

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