Chronicle of class actions and settlements 2017

As was the case in previous years, in 2017 various aspects relating to the class action received considerable attention in the press, literature, and case law. The press not only remarked on “high profile” cases, but even addressed specific (social) issues surrounding class actions, such as the commercial aspects related to litigation funding and the “abuse” of the Claim Code that occurs. That is why we are pleased to heed Arons and Koster's request to take over the baton in the last issue of this chronicle.

K. Rutten en J.R. Hurenkamp, Chronicle of class actions and settlements 2017, Writings on behalf of the Association Corporate Litigation 2017-2018.

Dutch version:

K. Rutten en J.R. Hurenkamp, Kroniek collectieve acties en schikkingen 2017, Geschriften vanwege de Vereniging Corporate Litigation 2017-2018.