L.J.F.H. Reijrink-Walstock


HR Manager

Lieveke Reijrink-Walstock has been with Wijn & Stael as HR Manager since 2012. She is responsible for the policy and implementation of all personnel-related processes, including recruitment and selection, performance review structures, remuneration policy and employee development. Lieveke also has an advisory role in recruitment processes.

A People’s Person with a Keen Eye for the Organization’s Interests

Lieveke is an enthusiastic and creative doer, who aspires to achieve the best for the organization and employees. “I believe that people who enjoy their work, perform better. That’s why I’m committed to fostering a work environment everyone enjoys working in. I encourage people to work together, because I’m a firm believer that we can achieve more together than alone. I connect easily with people and can always put myself in other people’s shoes, see the world through their prism, if you will.”

Legally Trained Problem-Solver

Thanks to her legal background, Lieveke ensures that Wijn & Stael complies with all applicable laws and regulations. She quickly reviews any issues that arise and brings the relevant parties together to address them. Open and receptive to everyone, Lieveke is a clear, respectful and transparent communicator with a good handle on everything that goes on in the firm.

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