F. Hensens


Marketing & Business Development Manager

Femke Hensens has been a business development & marketing manager with Wijn & Stael since 2017. Her responsibilities include business development, marketing, (jobs market) communications, organizing office events and positioning Wijn & Stael in the market.

Anything for Great Service

Femke is a dedicated and driven manager who sets the bar high in preparing and seeing plans through to successful completion. “I have a very enterprising spirit, always thinking about what we can do to keep innovating and improving.”

Core Values as Foundation

Femke plays a key role in promoting Wijn & Stael’s unique corporate culture and core values to (potential) clients through various communication media in order to garner the recognition and appreciation the firm deserves.

Prior to joining the firm, Femke worked as a tax attorney and later as a business development consultant at a large law firm. She still benefits from the wealth of experience she gained there.

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