I. Gimbel


Financial Manager

Ina Gimbel joined Wijn & Stael as financial manager in 2017. As a member of the executive board, she is responsible for managing the office together with the managing partners and office manager. Ina is also responsible for IT support, monitoring IT projects and financial management, preparing financial reports for the company and staff and identifying financial adjustment needs.

Quality is a Team Effort

Ina is accurate, goal-focused and honest. She believes it is important to support coworkers by providing them with accurate financial information. “At Wijn & Stael, we believe in delivering high-quality service. Not only as attorneys, but also as staff and management. After all, quality is a team effort.”

Financial Background

Prior to joining the firm, Ina worked as a CPA, gaining a wealth of experience she still benefits from to this day. She has a natural talent for creating order in complex data and translating it into good financial reports.

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