P.M. Alderhout


Knowledge Manager

Patricia Alderhout has been a knowledge manager with Wijn & Stael since 2000. She makes all relevant information sources available to the attorneys and helps them in finding literature, case law and parliamentary history. She also organizes courses and is involved in compliance management.

The Perfect Answer

For Patricia, the internal client is central. She handles all the knowledge questions the attorneys put to her but sets a very high bar in the way she goes about responding to them. “Looking for information is like detective work. You have to dig long and deep until you find the perfect answer to every question. But you know you’re getting the right information to the attorneys and you learn something new in the process.”

Helpful and Dedicated

Patricia enjoys working behind the scenes and derives satisfaction from helping her coworkers. They’re her clients, and as with any client, she wants to build a personal bond with them.

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