Restructuring & Insolvency at Wijn & Stael
When a company is at risk of financial difficulties, it is important to intervene in time. Taking the right steps can help avoid bankruptcy. Wijn & Stael attorneys have represented many companies at these crucial moments in their existence. Therefore, you can count on them if you need an overall restructuring, or if you’re looking to avoid liability and want to minimize damages in case of insolvency.

Legal Partner in Insolvency and Bankruptcy
The attorneys in our Restructuring & Insolvency department have wide-ranging expertise and experience. They work for national and international companies, as well as for banks, shareholders, directors and banking institutions. Moreover, a number of them are regularly appointed as trustees or administrators in moratoriums and bankruptcies, which enables them to look at your situation from any perspective, see where the opportunities lie and negotiate effectively with the parties involved.

Strong Record on Restructuring and Directors' Liability
For a company in financial difficulties to avoid insolvency, a restructuring is often inevitable. Our insolvency specialists have the expertise to plan this as effectively as possible, using a strategic and creative approach that is tailored to your business and interests. They operate decisively and vigorously and have an eye for both the short and long term. In addition, as a director you can turn to our attorneys if you are (possibly) held liable. They will enter into negotiations for you and take your case to court if necessary.

Broad Expertise in Insolvency and Corporate Law
The attorneys at Wijn & Stael are known for their in-depth expertise in insolvency and corporate law and financial matters. They draw on that expertise to advise and litigate cases involving:

  • Restructuring and refinancing
  • (Pre-)insolvency issues and disputes
  • Issues of (directors’) liability
  • Bankruptcy and moratorium
  • Financing and securities

More information about the background, experience and accomplishments of our restructuring and insolvency attorneys can be found by clicking on their photo below. Contact them for more information or to schedule an appointment. Or read more about the cases that they have handled.



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