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Anyone involved in redevelopment projects, new construction projects or other real estate transactions knows that there’s a lot of legal legwork involved. Think of the drafting and negotiating of lease or building contracts and obtaining environmental permits and zoning code changes. All of this usually brings public and private law together. Our attorneys have extensive experience in these areas of law and are ready to assist you.

For all Legal Aspects of Real Estate
Our real estate attorneys work for a wide range of clients, from project developers, property owners and investors, to architects, government agencies and healthcare institutes. If you engage them, they will not leave anything to chance. A key goal in our attorneys’ representation of our clients is to first understand your business: your interests, the facts, legal stakes and your opportunities. They leverage this knowledge to provide you with advice that you can put to immediate use. In addition, they draft watertight agreements, negotiate aggressively with the other parties and vigorously litigate your case in court, the appellate court, the Council of State and at arbitration institutes.

Specialists in Civil and Administrative Law
A civil real estate case is not always an isolated one. For example, area and redevelopment cases often involve administrative law issues. Think about required permits, zoning code changes or regulations in the Building Code. This is the day-to-day work of our real estate attorneys: they look at a case from both legal perspectives. Thus, you only need one attorney, and can rest assured that nothing will be overlooked. Moreover, our attorneys are specialized in the new Environment and Planning Act. They give seminars on this subject and have launched a website about the Environment and Planning Act where you can read the latest news about this specific topic to keep up on changes and how you can prepare for them.

Pragmatic Approach and Clear Advice
Clients regularly seek out our real estate attorneys for their pragmatic approach, clear advice and broad perspective.

As our client, you will benefit from our vast knowledge and experience in a host of areas, including:

  • Legal expertise on new construction and redevelopment projects
  • Litigation and advice on zoning codes and environmental permits
  • Assessing and negotiating long-term agreements
  • Drafting and negotiating lease, purchase, architect, contractor and construction team agreements (Uniform Administrative Requirements and Uniform Administrative Requirements for Integrated Contracts)
  • Advising healthcare institutes on the rent, construction and purchase of residential care locations
  • Litigation in the event of asbestos-related (liability) disputes
  • Litigation and advice on property rights such as leasehold, building rights and easements

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More information about the background, experience and accomplishments of our Real Estate & Government attorneys can be found by clicking on their photo below. Contact one of our attorneys for a no-obligation consultation.

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