The world of real estate, construction law and tenancy law is dynamic, with legal changes following one after the other in rapid succession. The new Environment and Planning Act has just been announced, right on the heels of the introduction of the Environmental Permits (General Provisions) Act (Wabo). A new Public Procurement Act has been introduced, tenancy law has been eased and the Housing Act has been amended, which has consequences for housing associations. In short, these are all developments that need to be monitored closely.

At Wijn & Stael we assist our clients with all these developments, complex issues and challenges. We understand the real estate market, its players and its people. To operate in this market, it is essential to be able to move quickly; something that is achieved more easily with a legal partner who knows all the ins and outs of the market.

Wijn & Stael’s attorneys advise and guide investors, developers, contractors, government bodies, housing associations and care institutions with a wide range of real estate-related issues. They have experience in and affinity with the political and administrative arena, which calls for a specific approach. Whether you are dealing with administrative law or civil law issues (we advise and litigate in the areas of spatial planning, area development, rent, sale, rights in rem, construction, compensation, procurement), Wijn & Stael's attorneys will be happy to represent you.

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