Business Law at Wijn & Stael
Many issues play a role in the proper functioning of a company. Think about the legal structure of the company, the corporate governance, the cooperation and relationship among the shareholders, supervisory directors, directors and other stakeholders. If you are looking to lay down these matters in the right legal form, or are facing problems or disputes, contact Wijn & Stael business law attorneys. They will help you whenever your company needs it.

Reliable Sparring Partners for Your Business
A quality that sets our business law attorneys apart is their intrinsic interest in your business. If you present them with a question, they will quickly get to the heart of the matter and deliver a personalized solution. They will offer you solicited and unsolicited advice and take bold and clear positions, so you know exactly where you stand and can make informed decisions.

From Shareholders' Agreement to Corporate Governance
Wijn & Stael business law attorneys are specialists in negotiating, assessing, and amending an array of corporate law agreements. They can also help you from start to finish in drafting and amending your corporate bylaws. In addition, our attorneys will assist you with developing your corporate governance structure and complying with the increasingly stringent regulations in this area. If a dispute arises, they will build a bridge between the various interests. If that fails, they will not hesitate to hammer out a good solution for you in court, the appellate court or the Commercial Division.

For all Facets of Business Law
Business law is a broad area of law, with common ground with corporate litigation, contract law, labor and employment law and M&A. Our business law attorneys can advise you on a host of issues, including:

  • Shareholder, participation and cooperation agreements
  • Incorporation and structuring of companies
  • Overseeing shareholders' meetings
  • Resolving disputes with and between shareholders, directors and/or supervisory directors
  • Disputes with investors
  • Corporate governance and compliance issues
  • Directors' liability

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