Financing, Securities & Leasing at Wijn & Stael
Many legal aspects play a role in the financing of companies. If you provide financing, you want the securities to be properly vested and the risks covered. If you are applying for (re)financing, a well-written, airtight contract and documentation will protect you and your business. Wijn & Stael attorneys have experience with all aspects of financing and securities, with proven track record in providing reliable counsel to companies, banking institutions and leasing companies in complex financing issues and disputes.

Expertise in Financing and Leasing Solutions
The attorneys in our Financing & Securities department have decades of experience working for major banks, corporations and leasing companies that has served them well in quickly understanding the crucial points of a financing or leasing solution. They draft effective agreements, provide accurate securities documentation and advise on the restructuring of existing financing arrangements and the establishment and enforcement of securities. Thanks to their vast experience in insolvency cases, they know exactly which risks to avoid when drafting the financing and securities documentation and what the consequences will be if they don’t.

Financial and Banking Knowledge
A quality that sets our attorneys apart is their ability to combine legal expertise with solid banking and financial knowledge and a clear understanding of numbers. A key goal in our attorneys’ representation of our clients is to first understand your business because we believe that understanding a client’s business is essential to providing pragmatic advice and creative solutions that are tailored to your business. Moreover, our legal professionals bring a wealth of litigation experience to the table and can provide the legal guidance your business needs if litigation becomes necessary, be it in connection with the termination of a financing or lease agreement or the enforcement of securities in the event of payment issues.

Broad Legal Services
Wijn & Stael attorneys are known for their in-depth legal expertise, pragmatic mindset and knowledge of the companies they work for.

As our client, you will benefit from our vast knowledge and experience in a host of areas, including:

  • Drafting and negotiating credit and lease agreements and security documentation
  • Restructuring existing financing arrangements (if necessary, in combination with corporate restructuring)
  • Providing counsel in (pre-)insolvency situations
  • Establishing and enforcing securities (including enforcement disputes)
  • Advising on and litigating the termination of financing and lease agreements
  • Counseling banks on Customer Due Diligence (CDD), fraud and separation processes.

Wijn & Stael Advocaten is a member of the Dutch Association of Lease Companies.

More information about the background, experience and accomplishments of our attorneys can be found by clicking on their photo below. Contact them for more information or to schedule an appointment. Or read more about the cases that they have handled.



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