Corporate & Financial Litigation at Wijn & Stael
Any company may face a situation where the interests and objectives of the various stakeholders, such as management, supervisory board and shareholders, no longer align. Or that a joint strategy cannot be determined or implemented. If this leads to a conflict, legal assistance is often indispensable. In such cases, you can turn to the Corporate & Financial Litigation attorneys of Wijn & Stael.

Legal Expertise in Corporate Disputes
Our attorneys at the Corporate & Financial Litigation department have extensive knowledge and experience in takeover disputes, shareholder disputes, and liability of directors and regulators. They excel in complex domestic and cross-border cases, take the time to understand your business and try to avoid litigation, where possible. However, if pursuing litigation turns out to be the right option for you, they will represent you vigorously in the civil courts, preliminary injunctions or in inquiry proceedings at the Commercial Division.

Successful record on Financial Disputes, Class Actions and Collective Settlements
Our attorneys have legal expertise in financial disputes involving the breach of special duty of care and violation of the Financial Oversight Act. They represent both banking institutions and wronged investors. Wijn & Stael attorneys have represented a number of investor groups in successful class actions relating to the liability of banking institutions and stock exchange funds. Thanks to their unwavering tenacity, these class actions have by and large led to good - and sometimes unprecedented - settlements.

Strong Record on Litigation and Financial Cases
Wijn & Stael's Corporate & Financial Litigation attorneys are known for their broad expertise in, among other things, civil procedural law, right of inquiry and International private law.

As our client, you will benefit from our vast knowledge and experience in a host of areas, including:

  • Inquiry proceedings
  • Collective settlements under the Collective Damages in Class Actions Act (Wet afwikkeling massaschade in collectieve actie, WAMCA)
  • Litigation of disputes about financial statements or the activities of auditors before the Accountant Chamber or the Commercial Board of Appeals (College van Beroep voor het bedrijfsleven)
  • Shareholder squeeze-out and freeze-out litigation
  • Litigation of liability claims against directors, supervisors or supervisory directors
  • Class actions or collective claims by wronged shareholders, investors or consumers
  • Litigation relating to the provision of misleading information
  • Corporate governance disputes
  • Claims under warranties and indemnities and other post-closing disputes

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