Supreme Court Litigation at Wijn & Stael
Are you considering initiating an appeal to the Supreme Court? Or has the opposing party decided to initiate one and you are considering mounting a defence? Then you can rely on the Supreme Court Litigation attorneys at Wijn & Stael.

From advice in Supreme Court Litigation to legal proceedings
Should you engage our Supreme Court Litigation attorneys then the first thing they will provide you with is thorough advice: what are your chances and the risk associated with initiating an appeal in Supreme Court Litigation? Does it make sense to mount a defence and are there options for initiating a cross-appeal? Should the advice be in your favour, they will undertake the Supreme Court Litigation proceedings for you. In doing so, they will not rest until they have found the winning argument and all the documents are perfectly drafted. They work creatively with complete transparency and do not hesitate to venture off the beaten track.

Supreme Court Litigation in civil cases
You can engage our Supreme Court Litigation attorneys for cases in almost all areas of civil law such as insolvency law, financing, securities & leasing, corporate litigation, the law of obligations and labour law. You can start this process already during an appeal, with a view to possible cassation proceedings. Should this be the case, our attorneys will provide you with specific advice to ensure that you are in a stronger position during Supreme Court Litigation. In addition, they can assist you in preliminary proceedings at the Dutch Supreme Court. Furthermore, our Supreme Court Litigation attorneys are available to provide an expert opinion on complex legal problems that you could use, for example, in ongoing proceedings.

Top quality for reasonable rates
The Wijn & Stael Supreme Court Litigation attorneys offer top quality for reasonable rates because they are aware that undertaking legal proceedings is costly and that you will have, generally speaking, already travelled a long way down this road. You may rely on them for:

  • Advice on legal cases that could lead to Supreme Court Litigation
  • Advice on the possibilities of Supreme Court Litigation and defence
  • Initiating an appeal in Supreme Court Litigation
  • Conducting the defence in a Supreme Court Litigation proceeding
  • Advice on the process after Supreme Court Litigation and referral
  • Support and guidance while requesting preliminary rulings
  • Expert opinions

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Cases Supreme Court Litigation

Cases Supreme Court Litigation

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