Are you considering bringing an appeal to the Supreme Court, or has your opposing party decided to do so? Then you will need a attorney who is qualified to litigate before the Supreme Court. Wijn & Stael is one of the few law firms with a Supreme Court Litigation section in the district court of the Central Netherlands (Midden Nederland). We deal with Supreme Court Litigation cases across the entire spectrum of civil law, with a particular emphasis on insolvency law, financing, securities and leasing, corporate and financial litigation and contract rights, including employment law.

What chance of success does an appeal to the Supreme Court have? Would it be worthwhile or expedient? We can help you answer these questions by providing well-substantiated advise. If our advice is positive, we will appeal to the Supreme Court on your behalf. If you have won your case on appeal and your opposing party is appealing to the Supreme Court, we can conduct your defence on your behalf. Since 1 July 2012, judges have been able to put preliminary questions to the Supreme Court during the course of litigation. During such preliminary proceedings, attorneys from our civil cassation section will be pleased to represent you.

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