Mergers & Acquisitions at Wijn & Stael
The sale or acquisition of a company involves many legal issues. If you are facing such a transaction and want to avoid surprises after the fact, or if you advise companies on mergers and acquisitions and are looking for a legal partner, contact the M&A attorneys of Wijn & Stael.

Legal Advice on Mergers or Acquisitions
Mergers and acquisitions involve multimillion-euro transactions that take days to close. Our M&A attorneys will help you navigate the entire process from intent to sell to (post-)closing. They will take stock of the interests and risks, conduct due diligence, help outline the strategy and draft and negotiate contracts. They will explain in crystal clear terms the content and consequences of the contracts, spare you the inconsequential details, but present the crucial choices, opportunities and risks involved, so you know what you’re signing and can make informed decisions.

Deal Makers with a Purpose
Our M&A attorneys know from experience how exhilarating it is to sell a company as business continues unabated. That is why they will work tirelessly to ensure that the process runs as smoothly as possible; this will negotiate aggressively when needed and draft legally-sound contracts, while keeping their eye on the ball: closing a deal to your satisfaction within a manageable timeframe and without the burden of unnecessary disputes. In doing so, they draw on all the expertise that Wijn & Stael has to offer, from employment and real estate law to financing and securities.

From Intent to Sell to Transfer
Our M&A attorneys draw on years of experience in advising directors and principal stockholders and family businesses in domestic and cross-border sale and purchase transactions. As a result, they know all the do's and don’ts in this area. They are also known for their decisiveness, empathy, flexibility, and financial knowledge.

As our client, you will benefit from their legal expertise in a host of areas, including:

  • Determining the right transaction structure
  • Directing the sales and purchase process from intent to transfer
  • Drafting and negotiating the necessary contracts, such as letters of intent, share purchase agreements and shareholders agreements
  • Identifying risks and possible deal breakers through due diligence
  • Issuing participation rights and advising on shareholder relations.

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More information about the background, experience and accomplishments of our M&A attorneys can be found by clicking on their photo below. Contact one of our attorneys for a no-obligation consultation.


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