Consortium Agreement with IP Issues
For a consortium of research centers and businesses involved in robotics we drafted a complex consortium agreement with focus on intellectual property issues. We also conducted the negotiations and advised on the execution.

Personalized Solutions for Retainer Clients
As preferred counsel, Wijn & Stael provides a number of clients with personalized legal solutions, including:

  • Drafting and negotiating commercial contracts.
  • Advising on contractual topics, such as precontractual liability, contract termination and issues relating to conflict of laws.

International Purchase Agreement
Following tough negotiations, we drafted an international goods purchase agreement - to which the Vienna Sales Convention was declared applicable - for a multinational company.

Termination of Franchise Agreement
Wijn & Stael advised a franchisee on a dispute concerning the termination of a franchise agreement with an internationally operating franchisor, which yielded strategic and legal wins for our client, despite their legally precarious position.

Sourcing Agreement and Service Level Agreement
For a client in the mobility sector, we negotiated and provided input for a sourcing (framework) agreement, including related agreements such as a Service Level Agreement (SLA).

Framework Agreement for Supermarket Chain
Wijn & Stael negotiated a satisfactory framework agreement for a supplier to a large international supermarket chain, achieving a strong contractual position for them and removing the strings and catches buried in the fine print.

General Terms and Conditions
Our attorneys drafted general terms and conditions for a supplier of high-tech products, putting in strict limitations on its liability and strong protections for its intellectual property.

All Commercial Contracts for a Startup
For a startup, our team of legal professional set up the contractual infrastructure from a to z, from a partnership agreement and standard sales and purchase contracts to the general conditions and more specific party agreements.

International Purchase
We advised an importer on an international sale and the legal pitfalls and opportunities involved, enabling it to exercise its rights to the full extent of the law.

Termination of Distribution Agreement
Our firm litigated the termination of a distribution agreement for an internationally operating company.

Consortium Agreement for EU Project
For a startup, we drafted a consortium agreement within the framework of an EU Horizon 2020 project.

Smart Mobility Partnership Agreement
Our team of attorneys drafted a partnership agreement between parties operating in the smart mobility space.