Mr. C.G. Top



Karen Top joined Wijn & Stael in 2018. Karen’s practice covers environmental law, administrative law, and healthcare. She represents clients in disputes involving zoning plan changes, enforcement situations, and obtaining environmental permits. Karen frequently represents clients in cases involving government liability. She counsels healthcare providers on governance, quality and oversight issues.

Committed, Reliable and Driven

Karen has strong analytical skills and takes a pragmatic approach. She immerses herself in the client’s case and interests, communicates her approach clearly and does not stop until she has achieved the goal. “I believe it’s important to build trust with clients. That’s why I place a lot of value on honest advice and will stop at nothing to pursue the best result.”

Involved in Matters where Public Law and Private Law Overlap

Karen has written articles about the enforcement of food law and the protection of healthcare providers under administrative law. She counsels and represents clients in disputes that cut across public and private law, which gives her the ability to examine cases from a variety of perspectives.

Professional Activities & Memberships

  • Member, Association of Health Law (VGR)
  • Member, Association of Young Real Estate Lawyers (VJOJ)

Academic Background

  • Law, Criminal Law, cum laude, 2018, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
  • Dutch Law, Constitutional and Administrative Law major, 2017, Utrecht University

Representative Practice

  • Represented a municipality in a proceeding where the municipality was held liable for negligent acts or negligent decision-making. In this case, the acts carried out under administrative law were challenged in a civil proceeding.
  • Represented a large institutional investor and a property developer in a renewal project where a large group of stakeholders objected to the construction of dozens of new homes.
  • Represented a number of clients in an administrative proceeding seeking to revoke various environmental permits that had significant spatial consequences for them.
  • Assisted with legally streamlining a professional profile for medical specialists, taking into account the financial, social and administrative impacts that such streamlining might have on the semi-public sector.
  • Counseled on (European) food safety laws and regulations companies must comply with to ensure that food safety practices are followed throughout the food distribution chain to end-consumers. Reviewed the extent to which liability could be restricted or excluded in contracts.

Publications from Karen Top

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