Mr. dr. M. Mussche



Maarten Mussche specializes in corporate and contract litigation. He acts on behalf of directors and supervisory directors in liability proceedings and advises in relation to corporate governance issues.

In addition, he represents shareholders and companies in conflict situations, amongst others in inquiry proceedings at the Enterprise Chamber.

Maarten is a critical attorney with a direct style of communication. He not only strives for the best results, but also for time and cost-efficient litigation. With his great amount of ready knowledge, he can act quickly if required.

Maarten is editor of het Maandblad voor Ondernemingsrecht (Monthly Magazine for Corporate Law) and regularly publishes and lectures in the field of corporate law. Maarten obtained his PhD in 2011 in the field of directors liability.


  • Editor of Monthly magazine for Corporate Law
  • Member of the Corporate Litigation Association
  • Member of the Commercial Law Association


  • Grotius Company & Liability (2018)
  • Dissertation, Thesis title ‘Reliance on information in fulilling directors’ duties’ (‘Vertrouwen op informatie bij bestuurlijke taakvervulling’), Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam (2011)
  • Dutch Law (business law, private law, criminal law), University of Groningen (2006)


Maarten has registered the following principal (and secondary) legal practice areas in the Netherlands Bar’s register of legal practice areas (rechtsgebiedenregister):

  • Corporate law (Professional liability, Directors' and officers' liability, Corporation law, Associations and foundations)
  • Law of obligations

Based on this registration, he is required to obtain ten training credits per calendar year in each registered principal legal practice area in accordance with the standards set by the Netherlands Bar.