Mr. K.N. van der Heijden



Karlijn is a driven and active attorney specialised in employment law. She has a strong analytical ability, is a quick thinker and has a deep appreciation of the relationships between parties and the interests at stake. Her broad interest in societal issues is of value in her work in employment law.

Karlijn completed the Bachelor’s programme European Law School at Maastricht University. Afterwards she acquired a Master’s degree in Employment and Corporate Law at Utrecht University. Her thesis was on the transfer of companies and the Charter of Fundamental Rights.

Karlijn gained practical experience in employment law throughout her student days, working in various law firms and completing a number of useful internships. Karlijn also won a national moot court competition in the field of employment law (Max Rood pleitwedstrijd).


  • Master's degree in employment and corporate law, University of Utrecht
  • European Law School, Maastricht University