Mr. dr. K.W.C. Geurts



Kim is an ambitious, solution-oriented, connecting and communicative attorney who works in the areas of insolvency law, financing and securities, civil cassation and corporate law. She is committed, goal-oriented and creative.

Kim gets a lot of energy from understanding complex legal issues. She analyzes quickly, easily makes connections between different legal theories, combines existing and new insights and is therefore able to introduce creative solutions at the right time. She communicates her findings in a clear, understandable and convincing way.

Previously, Kim worked at Radboud University where she wrote a comparative law dissertation on security for supplier credit. In that context, she has been a visiting scholar at St. John's University in New York City for a several months.Also, she taught various courses in the field of financing, securities and insolvency law and for a number of years she coached the team that participated in the worldwide commercial law arbitration Moot Court.

Currently, she is a guest lecturer at Radboud University, provides courses for lawyers, notaries and bankers and publishes in the field of insolvency, corporate and property law.


  • Guest lecturer at Radboud University
  • Publishes in the various legal journals
  • Member of the Council of Members of the Cooperative Rabobank U.A. (Rijk van Nijmegen department)


  • Research Master in Business and Law, Radboud University (2013, cum laude)