Expert, astute and with personal commitment. We are the ideal legal partner for all your cases. We serve businesses both large and small, financial institutions, care institutions, government bodies, non-profit organisations and private individuals, in the Netherlands and beyond.


High quality

When you engage an attorney, you expect extensive expertise, acuity and creativity. So do we; the bar is set high. That’s why we follow all legal developments closely, focus strongly on training and listen carefully to our clients.


Broad expertise

Complex issues are often not confined to any single area of law, which is why Wijn & Stael has in-house expertise of a wide range of legal fields. Our attorneys may be specialists in their respective areas, but they are also able to approach cases from a much broader perspective too.


Personal and transparant approach

Transparency, personal contact, short lines of communication and a focus on your legal needs. Thanks to this approach, we often have long-standing relationships with our clients.


Commitment and decisiveness

We are deeply committed to your business and social environment. It is this commitment that spurs us to serve your interests with such vigour and decisiveness.


Cooperation with specialists

To find the best solution for your case, you may require other specialist knowledge in addition to legal expertise. That is when we can call upon our extensive network of experts of civil-law notaries, accountants and tax lawyers and work with them to provide you with the most comprehensive service possible. This is multi-disciplinary cooperation at its best!


Team of strong individuals

All our attorneys are smart, focused and ambitious; that you can rely on. Hard workers with a wide range of interests and a social conscience. They are able to attain their full potential thanks to our firm’s open culture.


Valuable experience

Our roots go back to 1948, when attorney J.P. Wijn laid the foundations of our firm. Eight years later, he was joined by fellow attorney J.J. Stael. Since the 1970s, we have grown from a strong regional player into a specialist firm with clients throughout the Netherlands and abroad.


Social responsibility

Our attorneys can be found occupying managerial roles at social institutions and in non-commercial organisations, both within and outside the Netherlands. We also support all kinds of social activities, from culture and sports to student initiatives.


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Each area of law is a world in itself. Our specialist lawyers are totally at home in these worlds. What legal expertise does your case need?


Personally committed, decisive and result-oriented. Discover here the lawyers of Wijn & Stael, their expertise and their passion.

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